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Company Registration in Turkey

Posted by Severus on 2019-08-08
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Company Registration in Turkey is not as complicated as before, after the issuance of laws that allow foreign investors to set up a company in Turkey and the transfer of shares with all the rights and obligations as for Turkish investors, the process of investment in Turkey for the foreigner has become easier, where The investor can establish his/her company in all forms followed in the Turkish commercial law, which fulfills all international investment standards including subscription activities and transparency in business.

In recent years, investment rates in Turkey have grown due to the bright future in the Turkish economy. All these factors have made the investment process in Turkey attractive to all investors of different nationalities, including Arab nationalities, especially after the increase in the number of Arabs in Turkey as a result of waves of asylum and the arrival of investors To it from all Arab countries a high percentage of the Gulf countries, Iraq and Syria.

Conditions of company registration in Turkey

There are many types of companies that can be established in Turkey, which differ from each other depending on the size of the company, which may be either a limited liability company with a capital of 10,000 TL per investor, joint stock company consisting of five people with a capital of 50,000 TL, company Solidarity, or company with a simple recommendation. But any type of company to be established in Turkey there are key conditions that must be made and are as follows:

For company registration in Turkey, it’s necessary for the investor to obtain security approval from the concerned authorities in addition to having a valid passport translated and notarized from Notre, obtaining a tax number and commercial registration with an account number in the bank, which is one of the services provided by our office, as well as filling Application for the establishment of a company with a statement of incorporation, the memorandum of incorporation, a statement of signature and a tax commission document, which is one of the papers that Severus Investment office provides you, as well as many of the services that we will talk about later.

Steps of Company Registration in Turkey

As for the steps of company registration in Turkey and the conditions of investment in it, in practice you must begin to obtain the headquarters of the company, which is necessary, where the Turkish law provides for the provision of a place for the company. Here you can choose between a real headquarters (if the company was founded to work and not to own a property) or choose a place of imaginary, it is a place on the ground and you register your company or office at the same address, but in this case you will not be able to do business, either The actual location will be somewhat expensive, between monthly rentals, insurances and other expenses, which can be around 5,000 TL for the first time only. The monthly rental rate for the office will be between 1000-2000 TL per month.

Step 2: Determine the capital of the company, which is a minimum amount of 10,000 TL to invest in Turkey, but this amount does not give the investor residence rights in Turkey or get a business residence on the basis of the company, or to establish a large business and the ability to communicate with business organizations Turkish and business gatherings. You will need 100,000 TL to be able to get an investor stay in Turkey. 25% will be deposited in the bank for one week then you can withdraw the amount after the establishment of the company has been successful during this period.

Step 3: Preparation of the Memorandum of Association through which everything about the company is determined, including the name of the manager of the company and its headquarters, address and activity to be carried out, the size of the capital, type and other things, this step our office helps you in the preparation, as well as provide an appointment with the chartered accountant He will be the spokesperson for your company with the Turkish state, and has a basic function in recording all expenses, purchases and payments in the state centers on a monthly basis. Failure to hire a chartered accountant can result in the company being fined and shut down if necessary.

The fourth stage: obtaining a tax number in the Tax Department, where you will get a tax number after the ratification of the incorporation contract, then you will get an account number in the bank with the name of your company, where Severus Investment office will be available to provide all the necessary facilities to open the account and the final registration of the company in the Chamber of Commerce and get in Eventually the commercial register and the approval of your company’s signature before the notary, so we have completed the basic steps of company registration in Turkey.

What about investor residence in Turkey?

As mentioned above, investors can get a residence in Turkey after the establishment of a company with a capital of 100,000 TL, this residence is different according to the type of tourist accommodation in the fact that those who own it for more than five years the right to apply for Turkish citizenship, and according to the new Turkish law Residence; investor will have all rights of Turkish investors, where he has the right to attend business sessions and work with Turkish trade organizations.

What about the tax code?

It is important to be aware that there is no so-called capital tax in Turkey, since all taxes, including rental taxes, costs and annual taxes, can be up to 2,500 TL, whether the capital is 10,000 or 100,000 TL.

Severus Investment Services for Company Registration in Turkey

We will help you through all possible means in order to complete the process of registering your company and start the right project for you, with guarantees to reach the maximum benefit in the world of investment. According to the statistics of 2013, the number of foreign investors in Turkey reached 114 thousand investors, a good number indicating the availability of a favorable investment environment that increased the percentage of start-up companies in Turkey while increasing competition on all forms of investment.

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