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Turkey Company Registration for Foreign

The establishment of companies in Turkey is not as complicated as it was in the past, after the issuance of laws that allow foreign investors to establish a company in Turkey and the transfer of shares with all the rights and duties as is the case for Turkish investors. The process of investing in Turkey for the foreigner easier, The investor can establish his company in all the forms followed in the Turkish Commercial Law, which meets all international investment standards, including IPO activities and transparency in business. In recent years, investment rates in Turkey have grown as a result of the bright future in the Turkish economy. And the existence of laws guaranteeing the rights of foreigners. All these factors made the investment process attractive to all investors of different nationalities, including Arab nationalities, especially after the increase in the number of Arabs who is visiting Turkey and the arrival of investors From all the Arab countries with a high percentage of Saudi Arabia and all of the Gulf countries, Egypt, Iraq and Syria.