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Health Insurance in Turkey

Posted by Severus on 2019-08-08
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Health insurance in Turkey is characterized by its high flexibility and its ability to cover most health problems for all ages. Turkey has many hospitals in all medical specialties which provide free treatment services for those who are registered in the health insurance programs, whether Turkish citizens or foreigners and residents in Turkey, where Health insurance for foreigners is one of the cornerstones of residency in Turkey and a basic requirement for treatment of residence of all kinds, and can not in any way to do without health insurance with similar papers or alternative and others

Health insurance is to ensure the individual against the risks of health conditions which includes medical tests, counseling, diagnosis and treatment in addition to the physical and psychological support to him, and health insurance in Turkey is fairly comprehensive and has the ability to secure the necessary individual health care throughout the period of his stay in Turkey.

Types of Health Insurance in Turkey

There are several types of health insurance in Turkey which differ from each other depending on the quality of residence or coverage of health center services and the difference in cost at the request of the owner, in this article we will learn about all types and forms of health insurance in Turkey in detail:

  • General health insurance
    The insurance provided by the Turkish social institutions is an insurance that can be obtained by anyone who has a residence permit in Turkey with his family along with the Turkish citizens, with some exceptions determined by the Turkish state which is directly responsible for the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in cooperation with the Ministry of Health. It is possible to obtain low-cost or free health care, and for foreigners, if they live in Turkey for less than a year or do not have a residence permit, the Turkish government has strengthened health insurance systems in the country. To cover any individual He works legally in the country, where he can get free health care with a discount on drug prices.
  • Private health insurance
    This is the insurance that the applicant in Turkey is required to obtain. Private health insurance companies provide it to foreigners who want to reside in Turkey. This insurance is somewhat different between companies, where insurance can be obtained for inclusion in the application process. This type of insurance cannot be availed upon admission. Some insurance companies provide you with comprehensive insurance for analysis, medical and accident, even insurance for surgical operations and medicines, room expenses in the hospital as well as expenses for facilities in some cases, this insurance is usually high price, and has the ability to deal with private health centers in English. As for the formal insurance we can say that the cost of paperwork and printing more than cover it. It is noteworthy that many phantom companies that provide fake health insurance have spread and are being held accountable and pursued by Turkish security.
  • Health insurance for Turkey visa
    It is also a basic requirement for entry to Turkey, but it differs from the comprehensive health insurance system for residence, where the fee does not exceed $ 60 non-refundable in the case of rejection of the visa application, and can be obtained from the Turkish embassy or consulate and included as a visa application. Or you can use an office that organizes insurance for you along with the visa treatment for Turkey.
    Turkey’s visa insurance covers any medical treatment less than 100 TL or transports the patient to the nearest health center and insurance for the transportation of the patient, as well as the transport the body in case of death in travel.

Required documents for health insurance in Turkey:

For those who wish to obtain residency, they must obtain health insurance for a year, so that they can get an appointment in the Turkish General Directorate of Security to complete the procedures of residence, and for the papers that are required to take health insurance papers are: passport along with a residence address in Turkey, In addition to the tax number, which can be obtained from the Tax Department, it is worth mentioning that you can open an account in the bank through the tax number later.

What is the cost of health insurance in Turkey?

Most health insurance companies in Turkey have fixed the prices they offer for health insurance for the purpose of tourist accommodation. They come within the treatment of the cost of stay in Turkey. From 26 to 35 years of age around 630 TL, from 36 to 40 years old is about 800 TL, and from 41 to 50 is about 1000 TL, while age brackets under 18 or over 65 are exempt from Access to health insurance, but people within these ages can apply for health insurance, but the costs will be rather high And to the fact that children and the elderly are most vulnerable to diseases and health problems, and in general health insurance covers about 60% of the overall cost of treatment.

Severus Investment services for health insurance in Turkey

At our company, we will provide all necessary paperwork and assistance in obtaining residence permit, including paperwork for health insurance.

With regard to the time required to complete the insurance papers, you can receive your insurance on the same day, through which you will receive two copies of the insurance papers, one of which is submitted to the Immigration Department to complete the residency papers, and the other remain with you to show them when needed with the special insurance card for hospitals.

We will also provide you with a list of about 120 names of hospitals, health centers and clinics that you can benefit from when needed.

In addition to our services in obtaining health insurance, we provide many services, including the provision of residence papers and obtain an electronic appointment in the Turkish General Directorate of Security and services related to Real Estate ownership, Company Registration and other procedures and legal advice, including health insurance in Turkey.

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