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Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Posted by Severus on 2019-08-08
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Real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most active types of investments in the country, where Turkey has all the geographic, climatic, economic and political components to the occurrence of multiple booms in the subject of real estate marketing and increase the availability of real estate for sale and purchase.

In terms of geography, Turkey is one of the countries with large areas and its major cities are rich in terrain and environment suitable for urban sprawl.

Politically, the Turkish government is working to maintain an atmosphere of political stability and provide a fertile economic environment for the boom of investments in the country, including real estate investment.

The Real Estate Investment Options in Turkey:

Real estate investment options vary in Turkey, where there are all types of investment including investment in a modern residential project or investment in a clad apartment or within a residential complex. Also, investments in a project under construction in the vital areas, which is one of the most investments accepted by investors, as any unfinished housing project is less expensive than completed apartments.

After the completion of the project, the investor can sell his property at a higher price, and some investors also tend to invest in land that possesses all the elements of a prosperous investment future, such as land that is about to enter the organizational plans of the city or newly entered and possess the elements of building an integrated residential or commercial complex. That doubles its price.

One of the options of real estate investment in Turkey is to buy an old property within a known residential area, and then to renovate the property and sell it at a double price. It’s also possible to buy a ready apartment inside a project, then to rent it and ensure a fixed monthly return.

History of Real Estate Investment in Turkey for Foreigners:

In 2005, a law was passed allowing foreigners to own property of all kinds in Turkey.The law provided for the principle of reciprocity, meaning that if a foreign investor state allows a Turkish citizen to invest and own property on its territory, then the investor can own property in Turkey.

However, as a result of the Turkish state’s impact on the current events and its desire to attract the largest number of investors, this law was amended in 2012 to allow all foreigners to invest real estate in Turkey with some exceptions for some nationalities, as is the case with neighboring countries and borders of Turkey such as Syria, where it can not A Syrian may own a property directly, but only by establishing a company and opening it in his name, and accordingly he can buy the property in the name of his company.

The second exception is to buy a property within an area close to a military zone, so it is better for the investor to ask about the presence of foreign investors in the same area or residential project so as not to enter the spiral of security approvals. However, this issue was recently resolved by a decision of the military department, which allowed the registration of the property directly to the foreigner, as is the case with the Turkish citizen without obtaining approval in each registration process, as it is enough to obtain only one approval for the first real estate acquisition of a foreigner. The only military institution that facilitated the real estate acquisition process for foreigners was the tax administration amending the property tax law and exempting foreigners from VAT when buying residential or commercial property in Turkey, provided that it is not sold until one year after the purchase.

Future of Real Estate Investment in Turkey?

When we track the real estate fields during the last twenty years in Turkey, we find that investment is the safest in all circumstances:
The real estate does not die and its value does not decline and this is what the investor understands, despite the rise in apartment prices in Turkey in 2017 to more than 16% of last year However, the availability of properties for sale has increased and real estate marketing operations have increased.

Real estate sales have increased by about 10% to reach new record levels, and the availability of properties for sale and apartments for sale and villas for sale to foreigners have also increased by 25% compared to the last three years to exceed more than $ 5 billion First in The history of real estate investment in Turkey, especially since the adoption of the law of ownership of foreigners and granting them permanent residences, this works in the Turkish construction sector about two million people and its revenues constitute about 6% of the Turkish national income, about 50 billion dollars, and about 40 Turkish construction companies are among the largest companies Globally.

Turkey ranks second in construction and real estate investment after China, and as many economists expect Turkey’s property to be sold to foreigners next year will be worth more than $ 10 billion, but they comment on how successful the Turkish government is. In a To maintain the country’s security and community stability.

It is important for a successful real estate investment in Turkey to have a successful future look, It’s necessary for the investor to focus on the selectivity of the real estate project with great care and to manage his investment project professionally in order to achieve the expected profits at the very least.

Severus Investment Services for Real Estate in Turkey?

We assist the investor and update him on the latest developments in the real estate sector at all levels, and evaluate what he wants to invest and form a successful investment strategy in the light of the information available.

We also provide you with all the services of real estate consultancy and obtaining the necessary approvals for the acquisition of real estate starting from the establishment of your company and the necessary steps at the lowest cost if the goal is to buy a property in Turkey, until getting the properties and lands for sale or apartments for sale in installments.

Our services includes providing all necessary information about the property to be purchased in terms of location and value, taking into account the desires of the investor and the establishment of a budget and analysis of the appropriate investment of the property, with the work of feasibility studies in all respects, this will help you in choosing the right property and ensure the validity of its papers and the absence of any It problems to get you all the necessary information for real estate investment in Turkey in a strategic and profitable way in the long run.

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