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Issuance Turkish Tourist Residence Permit

Posted by Severus on 2019-08-08
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Tourist residence in Turkey is the best way for those who want to stay there for more than three months, especially as the Turkish state has provided all the necessary facilities for obtaining tourist residence in Turkey with the aim of promoting making Turkey a center of attraction for tourists and investors and giving the opportunity for those who want to understand how to work Turkish market and stay in the country in a formal way.

It is one of the most common residences followed by work and student residence, as well as the establishment of real estate ownership recently adopted by the Turkish state, after the economic growth witnessed in the country and the fact that Turkey has become a center of attraction for investors in addition to the urban renaissance.

Steps to Obtain a Tourist Residence in Turkey:

There are several steps and papers needed by the visitor to Turkey in order to obtain a tourist residency in Turkey, where he must shortly after entering the country to apply and book an appointment in the security department in the city in which he resides and enclose the application with the following documents and official papers:

  • Four passport-size photographs.
  • A copy of the passport showing the page bearing the image of the applicant.
  • The page on which the Turkish seal was placed from one of the crossings or from the airport.
  • The page showing the date of validity of the passport.
  • A bank statement of $500 for each month (cannot be considered a prerequisite where the employee may or may not request it).
  • One of the most important conditions for Tourist Residence in Turkey is to obtain health insurance which should cover the duration of stay One or two years.
  • Usually a contract is requested to rent the place where the individual resides for a period of not less than one year and certified by a notary. It should be noted that short-term contracts are not accepted.

What is the Duration of the Tourist Residence in Turkey?

Tourist residency in Turkey is one of the oldest types of residences in Turkey, where those who owned a tourist residency in the past can stay in Turkey for 6 months is not renewed within one year, but now the owner of tourist residency can stay in Turkey for a year renewable for several times As long as the person is welcome in Turkey.

In general, the length of stay can be determined by the applicant based on the passport’s duration and expiry date. The passport may be one year. No comment on his powers.

It is worth mentioning that the passport, which has a period of less than six months does not give the owner a tourist stay, and this can be determined through the electronic application, and here the person determines the length they want, as well as attention when obtaining an appointment from entering the correct data, especially with regard to determining the duration It is worth noting that the application for residency must be submitted to anyone who wants to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days upon entering the country, otherwise his residence will be considered a violation and may be expelled to his country with the payment of fines due.

What are the benefits of getting a Turkish Tourist Residence?

One of the most important advantages of a tourist residence in Turkey is the exit and entry to and from the country without visa application or any security clearances. This facilitates the movement of traders and businessmen, which contributes to increasing the number of investors and the establishment of companies.

It is also useful to open an account in any Turkish bank with any amount or capital, in addition to obtaining health insurance and free medical treatment in Turkish hospitals, as well as transferring both water and electricity bills to your name.

One of the benefits of a tourist residence in Turkey is the possibility of buying a car or obtaining a driving license. Another prerequisites for obtaining a permit, setting up a business or owning a property after registering with the Turkish Commercial Register and obtaining approval to establish a company, which facilitates the process of obtaining visas for some countries.

It is worth mentioning that you can stay outside Turkey for the duration of the stay effective one or two years, but it is required to return to Turkey and renew the residence before the expiry of its duration.

Main differences between tourist and work residence in Turkey:

Business or investor residence in Turkey can be obtained when working in a Turkish company or establishing a company in your name.
Among the most important benefits (which can not be obtained through tourist residency) is the right to apply for citizenship after five years of work and benefit from the pension after the sixty years when you work in Turkey, in addition to free education in Turkish schools.

Severus Investment Services for Turkish Tourist Residence:

Our office provides you with all the papers, documents and conditions of residence in Turkey, where our company provides the service of issuing tourist residence in Turkey at competitive prices and within a short period. Where we will be with you from the beginning of the application, booking an appointment with Turkish Security, end-up to receive the book and tourist card.

You can book an appointment to stay in Turkey through our office provided that you are in Turkey to do the interview. We will prepare all the required documents for a one-year stay. If you want to travel immediately after entering Turkey, you can get an appointment in the Turkish Security and attend the interview a week after you enter the country (get an urgent appointment if available in the state where you reside or any other state), then you can travel and hire a person to receive your residence, then he send it To your address.

Severus Investment office will assist you in this regard by a professional lawyer who will deliver you the residence immediately upon issuance.

The cost of Turkish tourist residence is not high, where the cost of residence is about 1500-2000 TL, depending on the age. The cost is based on health insurance rates, followed by residence fees and other tourist residence costs in Turkey.

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